Interior Designer Position

Our interior designer position has been created to fullfill a need to adapt and improve our clients/tenants standard of living. All decisions regarding aesthetics, design, material, furniture, and interior and outdoor spaces´ arrangement and uses will be under this role´s responsibility and accountability.
The market has changed, not only locally in Miami where we have most of our business, but worldwide. We want to offer modern and comfortable living according to these new times we are living. We will be respectful of the environment, the city, and the style of our properties, with safety and comfort at the top fo our priorities.
We will not only adapt and improve our spaces, but maintain them for the good of owners and tenants as well, always taking into account the needs and regulations of each community we have properties in.
Specific activities will include:
1. Regular and continuous inspections of units and properties as well.
2. Assessment of the specific needs in all regards
3. Design, selection and development of vacant and repairs projects, making sure design, materials, crew, and implementation flow in a balanced and cost effective way in the specific time needed and with the level of quality we aim for.
4. Specific design work for each project
5. Contractors/Vendors evaluation and selection
6. Control and follow up of cost, time and scope of every project. A professional Project Controller will support his/her daily work
7. Preventive maintenance plans should timely be in place for each property and unit according to the yearly budget and move IN and OUT estimates (Turn over of the units).