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About Us

We’re dedicated to delivering high standards of customer service, which makes us the best partner in the industry.

About Catalonia Management

The Foundations

More than 2 decades ago, an Italian immigrant family founded a company to invest in real estate in the United States.

Within a short period of time, their leadership and great decision-making skills created a significant portfolio of properties. Thereafter, the family decided to hire a group of professionals to prepare for a larger development.

When Catalonia Management became a brand, the aim was to establish a firm with an unparalleled reputation for integrating all aspects of an innovative business model dedicated to property management services.

Service Excellence

Our Values

Founders’ practices and operational philosophy clearly demonstrate the application of their knowledge and strengthens the core focus of their vision. Widely recognized for integrity, technology, and innovation, Catalonia Management has a commitment to outstanding service.

Catalonia Management proudly maintains an average vacancy rate of less than 3% for all properties managed. We are responsible for the full service management of more than 500 rental units and over 480,000 square feet of residential and commercial space in the greater Miami area. With many years of experience, we are an important locally-owned property management company in South Florida.

Maximizing customers’ return on their investment


A team of highly competent professionals who manage your property efficiently and profitably.