Property Accounting Analyst

Our property accounting analyst position has been created to fulfill a need to maximize the value of properties and business profit consequently, keeping a high and professional standard of work and connecting the day to day operations with the upper management (Portfolio Manager, Investors and Treasury) and the state of the market through his professional skills in the business management profession, specific knowledge in the RE field obtained through IREM certifications undergoing and other community and specialized practices and his ability to build and enrich connections to the real world and academia and communicate all findings to all members of the team according to their level and need for information.

All responsibilities regarding
• AppFolio Software use, updates, data, training, and customization.
• Property budgeting and accounting expenditure controls and verification.
• Budget accuracy and conformance with procedures and performance results.
• Cost-cutting opportunities and feasible cost reduction targets.
• Trends affecting budget needs and opening windows for income opportunities and business strategies.

Specific activities will include:
1. Assessment of the specific software needs/updates in all regards to the company’s day to day (ledger, maintenance, projects, budget) and financial operations (tax, accounting, and reporting needs)
2. Oversees AppFolio Trust Account Balance, the heart of the system to guarantee that bank and property balances match properly. A good operational process needs to be in place for this to work, and all financial processes depend on it.
3. Regular and continuous on-site inspections of works performed vs budget vs actual cost.
4. Specific control and follow-up work for each project through an ongoing evaluation of projects advance in terms of time to complete, scope, cost-effectiveness, and level of quality we aim for. A professional Project Controller will support his daily work
5. Executes payments to owners, management fees, interests, and principal, maintains bank balances,  taking cash flow, legal, accounting, and financial considerations into account before every move.